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Current family ownership of Red Wing Publishing Co. runs back nearly 50 years. During that entire time the company’s central goal has been to be the dominant collector and distributor of local community news and advertising in each of the markets it serves. It has been successful because it has followed the formula of gathering top-notch staff members and putting them in positions where they can use their talents to the maximum.

Back past the current ownership, the company traces its existence to the time when steamboats pulled up at the levee in Red Wing – nearly 160 years ago.

Business is now concentrated in three locations: Hutchinson/Litchfield, International Falls and Savage and neighboring southwest suburbs.

We are a second-generation, family-owned, Minnesota company that continues to grow and has 12 established newspapers, a successful digital agency and commercial printing operations. Our newspapers are located in high-growth markets and our audience demographics are attractive to advertisers within and beyond our markets.


Big Fish Works
433 W 3rd St # 200
Red Wing, MN 55066

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Our Philosophy

The concentration on local content – some would call it an obsession – has not distracted the company from the most up-to-date and efficient methods of distribution, whether it be electronics or print. There’s a continuing strong belief in the durability of a printed local newspaper paired with the immediacy of web and digital offerings. Boiling it down: Local information is our bread and butter. It doesn’t matter how it gets to the user.

The company, which currently has some 170 staff members, expects to continue to be family-owned and to be nimble in a competitive media world in which the owners simply will not tolerate “good enough” as being good enough.

Core Values

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